Two different models to meet your requirements!


·       LMDraw, application software for PC, is equipped as standard.
- Simple operation on Windows.
- Large drawing screen
- Main features: Moving, rotating, coping, enlarging, and minimizing of a drawing; opposite direction marking, reading of DX file; and marking of barcode, 2D code, rectangle data code, hatched drawing, etc.

High speed marking: 550 letters per second.
Automatic back-up feature to avoid data deletion.
Up to 1023 schedules can be set. (Option)
External datacom using RS-232C. Easy introduction to a production line.
Easy installation due to complete air-cooled system.
CE marking certified.

 LD Pumping System

This system improves emission efficiency of laser and reduces power consumption compared with lamp pumping.


 Guide Light

Guide light indicates a marking position on a workpiece.



 Full Air Cooling System

Cooling by a motor fan. No cooling water is necessary. 



This is effective for applications that require energy over a wide area, i.e oxide marking.


 Maintenance free

Since no consumable parts, other than LD, is used, the interferance by the maintenance work would be greatly reduced.


 Simple control screen and various features. 2D-code marking is a standard program.



 Automatic Backup Feature

Set the time and number of operations, and operation histories are automatically saved in log files.


 fθ lens list

fθlens F160
Scanning method Galvanometer scanner
Marking area (mm) □100
Working distance (mm) 175
Position resolution (μm) *1 2
Marking speed (mm/s) *2 0.01 to 11000

*1: Computed value. Not the actual position accuracy.

*2: Computed value. Confirm the appropriate speed for marking during actual marking operations.


Model ML-7112AH
Laser type YVO4 Laser
Oscillation wavelength 1,064nm
Oscillation mode Multi mode M2 < 2.0
Maximum output 7W (CW mode)
Oscillation type Q Switch pulse oscillation and continuous-wave oscillation
Pulse frequency 0.1k to 199.9kHz
Guide beam Red LD laser, Oscillation wavelength 660 nm, Class 3R
External communication terminals USB1.1 (full speed), RS-232C (Optional), and compact flash card
Cable length bet. Head and control unit 3m (Fix)
Cooling method Fully air cooling
Power supply Single-phase: 100-240 V AC -10%/+6%, Auto switching: 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 0.37kW or less
Marking software (PC) *1 LMDraw6
(Windows XP Japanese/English version (SP3), Windows Vista Business 32 bit Japanese/English version(SP2), Windows 7 Professional 32/64 bit Japanese/English version(SP1), Windows 8 32/64 bit Japanese/English version, or Windows 8.1 32/64 bit Japanese/English version)
Font TrueType font, DIN30640, JIS Z 8905, JIS Z 8904, JIS Z 8903, and Roundhand, Round gothic
Marking characters Alphabet, Number, Katakana, Hiragana, Chinese character (Round gothic of JIS first standard and second standard), Symbol
Supported file formats DXF (AutoCAD LT 2004), BMP, JPEG, GIF, TIFF
Code types *2 Code39, Code123, ITF, Data matrix, QR code, Micro QR code
Ambient temperature 5 to 35 ℃ (non-condensing and non-freezing)
Ambient humidity 40 to 80% RH (non-condensing and non-freezing)
Mass : approx. 30kg : approx. 9.5kg

*1 Windows is a registered trademark and a product of Microsoft, Inc.

*2 Data Matrix is a registered trademark and a product of International Data Matrix, Inc. QR code is a registered trademark and a product of Denso Wave Co., Ltd.

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.

 Dimensions in mm


proimages/02_Laser_Markers/04_7W_YVO4_Laser_Marker/ML-7112AH/ML-7112AH_JP (7).png proimages/02_Laser_Markers/04_7W_YVO4_Laser_Marker/ML-7112AH/ML-7112AH_JP (8).png
 2D code marking
 Marking on metals
proimages/02_Laser_Markers/04_7W_YVO4_Laser_Marker/ML-7112AH/ML-7112AH_JP (9).png proimages/02_Laser_Markers/04_7W_YVO4_Laser_Marker/ML-7112AH/ML-7112AH_JP (10).png
 Bitmap marking
 Marking of serial numbers